Things to remember

May 18th, 2014, 5pm

It was 24°C with scattered clouds. There was moderate breeze.

“So, have you been usin’ the diary I gave yah?” Daryl asked, opening his eyes and being blinded by the sun and her beauty.

Beth woke up, tangled in his strong arms.

“Yeah… ” She said, smiling.

“Can I see it?”

“Oh, sure, let me get it”

Beth got up and grabbed the little small red diary. It had been the best gift she could’ve ever asked for. On the first page Daryl had written something. Daryl was so akward with the whole romantic thing that what he had written made it so special. “To Beth, for you to remember what makes us human. Love -D”.

Daryl smelled the pages, they were impregnated with wood, ink and Beth.

It said:


The Beatles Green Day Blink 182 The breakfast club Back to the future Ferris Bueller The Strokes Gustav Klimt

It was a long list of things Beth thought needed to be preserved. It was filled with doodles and lyrics.

Daryl turned the pages and read outloud “Things that I will never forget… hmm…” She blushed and took the book from his hands.

“Hey I wasn’t finished, le me see”

“No, Daryl, seriously, it’s embarrasing”

“What’s it about? huh?” He was starting to get suspicious

“You” She whispered.

Now he needed to get his hands on that book.

Daryl kissed her, and when she closed her eyes and loosened her fingers, he quickly grabbed the book and ran off.

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M. Lucia G. Pericullo

Writing, drawing and creating. I'm a character created by Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton.

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