Dragons and Damsels (in distress?)

September 16th, 2014, 4pm

It was 19°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

One of the many delights on the Norfolk Broads is the abundance of insects that love being around water.

The photo above shows a beautiful Dragonfly - a male Common Darter I believe. These sometimes quite sizable creatures seem to be almost constantly on the move, so I considered myself fortunate to be able to get the shot that I did, which I had to take in a hurry (my excuse for why it’s not a particularly sharp image!). Note that the wings of a Dragonfly at rest are always at right angles to the body.

Here’s another example, which I think is a male Common Hawker:


The photo below shows a Damselfly - a male Southern Damselfly I think. In contrast to Dragonflies, the wings of a Damselfly when at rest are always in line with the body, which provides an easy way to distinguish between the two.


I think it’s the beautiful colours and incredibly rapid, darting movements that I find so impressive, fascinating and absorbing about these insects. I could easily have spent many more hours than I actually did looking out for dragons and damsels. Perhaps one day I’ll go on my own so that my impatient family won’t keep teasing me about the times I took a shot just after the insect had flown away!

Daniel, David Wade, Christine and Chris said thanks.

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