"Dear Japanese people! I now understand the history of Hiroshima and the atomic bomb-attack."

December 29th, 2013, 10pm

It was 2.8°C with few clouds. The wind was calm.

The above photo was taken from the ‘Dialogue Notebook’, kept at the exit of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for visitors to sign. There are currently more than 1,700 notebooks filled with messages from people around the globe, right after the museum experience.

What a difference a day makes.

As soon as I stepped off the bullet train from Okayama and onto the Hiroshima platform, I knew I was in for a treat. The air was different.

My family kept mum about our history. The little I do know, is my father’s father and father’s mother’s lineage were wiped out by the A-bomb. My grandparents happened to be in Tokyo and were the sole survivors.

My mother’s sides, were effected as well. I think they were from Nagasaki but I’m not certain. No one answered any of my questions. Conversely, I was scolded for being nosy.

As I walked through the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, learned the history of my country through the eyes of the Japanese at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, I now see why my curiosity was disregarded as pestering.

I also get why the Japanese are non-confrontational. It’s not that we have achieved a higher level of zen. It’s that we choose to hope for peace and harmony.

The park, the museum, and all throughout Hiroshima, there are hints of subtle optimism beautifully woven through the remains of the horror. Hope.

Hiroshima, is a bewitching city, with lots of warmth, kindness and hope. Do please visit if you so have the opportunity.

A-bomb Dome


Memorial Cenotaph

Inside of the museum

Guy with an oboe — or perhaps wooden clarinet, blowing traditional Japanese back ground music for tourists wandering the area.

And of course, my food photo of the day. Sashimi with Hiroshima sake, recommended by the sushi chef.

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