Top 10 Things To Do In San Francisco

June 12th, 2016, 12am

It was 16.1°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

1: Go to BAKER Beach, not Ocean Beach While it may seem better to go to Ocean Beach, because it’s on the Ocean, go to Baker Beach. It is much better. It is generally warmer, and it is always much cleaner, and generally has a better vibe to it.

Note: Baker Beach is a nudist beach, in case that offends you, don’t go.

2: California Academy of Science

This is a MUST for any one coming to museums in San Francisco. It has many interesting exhibits on many different fields of science, including paleontology, climatology, geology, seismology, and many other interesting fields that buzz the mind with new ideas!

Note: Admission fee is expensive. City passes recommended.

3: deYoung Museum

For any art aficionado, this is a must. It shows art works from all over the world, from many different time periods, and many different styles of art. It is highly recommended for any art lover. There is also a lovely observation deck at the top of the museum .

Note: Admission fee is also expensive

4: Twin Peaks/ Mt. Davidson

If one enjoys scenic views of an amazing utopia, then one of these mountains will be a prime area in your San Francisco experience. Enjoy scenic views on the tops of these mountains, and all one needs is a car to get up!

Note: Come during a sunny day, as fog will ruin the views.

5: Chinatown

I’m sure you’ve never heard this one before. Hear me out. Immerse your self in the culture of the Chinese, and go to markets, and traditional restaurants to really take in the culture of the Chinese that have settled in San Francisco.

Note: Good luck driving a car. Be very careful to not run over the people that run in front of your car. Muni advised.

6: Golden Gate Park

This is the largest park in the city (by far), and has many interesting areas. It has flower conservatories, flower walks, windmills, museums, and even a Japanese Tea Garden!

Note: It’s very safe in Golden Gate Park, just sometimes the occasional numb sleeping in the park.

7: Telegraph Hill

Telegraph hill is near North Beach, and it has one of the most iconic structures in San Francisco, the Coit Tower. Enjoy scenic views from this tower, and usually you can come any day because there usually want be fog. Thank you Divisadero! (I’m not going to explain what that means, ask another native, but don’t call us Friscans, or we will get mad at you😡)

Note: Coit Tower does have an entrance fee, but it is not that expensive)

8: Just Walk Through!

If you happen to find yourself, walking through the city, well than just continue! It is such a beautiful city to walk through, and if you find yourself in the nice portions, like Noe Valley, take a quick stop by, and enjoy yourself, while you quietly walk through the city!

Note: Noe Valley is usually warmer, so walk through there.

9: Go to a Giants Game

Whether it is too root for the Giants, or an opposing team, going to the game is always a fun experience. There is even a slide for the kids to play on! (If they’re bored)

Note: Tickets usually cost a pretty penny (A LOT)

10: Eat. The. Food.

San Francisco is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Whether it’s Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian, French, Korean, Persian, or even simple American, San Francisco will have the food.

Note: If the restaurant looks sketchy, DO NOT GO!!!

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