3: National get fucked up and it's okay day

September 20th, 2015, 11pm

Packed up my things and checked out of the hotel in the morning. Caught up with the rest of the gang (Dave/Cecelia/Sandy/Georgina/Jason/Lien) for bfast. Wandered around for ages before we settled on a nice quiet place which served up breads and coffee made from a drip rather than an expresso shot. For the rest of the day we wandered slowly back to the Oktoberfest show grounds while watching a parade of the old famous breweries. It was a nice unexpected way to spend my last day in Munich. When it was time to say good bye to David and Cecelia I felt extremely sad and somewhat isolated. I think it finally occurred to me that I was going to be alone now. No one to talk to, and only my wits and ingenuity to survive. Caught the 5 hr train from Munich to Prague. Got to Prague at 11pm. Couldn’t find an FX open so I hunted down an ATM. Using my Citibank card I tried to withdraw money only to then have the unsavoury experience of having my card swallowed up. Oops, I didn’t tell Citibank that I’d be overseas and I think they must have flagged it for theft. Hah! Oh well fortunately I have a gazillion other cards to use. I took out some money. Caught a metro to Flora, and then walked to my AirBNB accommodation. My host Jan was not there however his bf Ondra was. Ondra was nice. Showed me around the house and it’s immenities. I politely excused myself telling him I was tired and then escaped to my room. I tried contacting Citibank, but perhaps this is fate and I’m not meant to enjoy fee free transactions…..Time to sleep! Another day awaits.

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Michael Ngo

Late bloomer who suddenly got the itch to travel more.

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