Breathing in the smell of money at Wall St.

July 24th, 2013, 4pm

I’d come to New York City for a party later that night. The plan was for a friend who lived in the city was to meet me at Union Square Park after work and we would head to the party from there. The bus, however, was going to get into the city at 2:30, so I wondered what I would do until 6.

On the Megabus, I met another Indian: K. for the purposes of this story. K. was visiting his cousin. We got to talking and hit it off (In a “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours” exchange I revealed my Tolkien geek-ery and he told me about his political science thesis). As we approached NYC K. and I decided we should check out Zuccotti Park, the World Trade Memorial, and Wall St. together. K. called his cousin, who agreed it was a good idea.

The A train to Fulton Street spit us out just under the new World Trade Center and memorial. We then walked down Church St. till we found Zuccotti, although since there was more concrete (with some nice picnic tables, to be fair) than green none of us recognized it. Thus began a wild goose chase. After walking a while longer down Church, even I recognized Battery Park coming up. K., his cousin, and I stopped at the nearest street map to consult.

“I guess that was Zuccotti, we passed by up there,” K.’s cousin said.

“That was disappointing…,” I added, “and now we’re a few blocks south of where Broadway would intersect with Wall St.”

What ensued was a poorly executed attempt to orient ourselves in the 2-d reality of the map, so as to go the right way. Instead of taking Morris St. to Broadway, we took the bridge to West St. (which we did because we thought it was the bridge to Broadway) and walked up West until we found ourselves on the backside of the World Trade Center again, confused. After asking a kind parking garage attendant, we took a right Albany, a right on Greenwich, a left on Rector, and a left on Broadway, at which point we saw the Holy Grail, er, I mean Wall St.

We turned onto it and as we came up on the New York Stock Exchange, K.’s cousin said “It smells like money, huh?”. And so I took this picture. And thus ended our travails.

Craig and Cassie said thanks.

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Sharat Buddhavarapu

An aspirant writer in the fantasy genre, I also love studying languages and linguistics, following developments in new media studies (and trying to tinker in new media myself), and reading any old thing that crosses my path.

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