The Secret To Life.

December 31st, 2014, 9pm

In Seville, I found the secret to life.

Life in Seville is lived in a beautifully slow pace.

People savor their afternoons on the sunlit riverbank,

Their four hour siestas,

Their dinner with family,

Their lives.

They live life slow enough to understand the difference between

What work is,

And what your life truly means.

Seville is full of life.

The opposite of a city heaving with people trying hard to be “busy”

And calling that a life.


When people go out, they truly celebrate.

They are fully present.

You can walk the streets alone at night.

And feel like you are invited to participate in one giant celebration.

Be enveloped in the warmth of laughter.

The beating of many hearts.

Understanding the value of a slow pace of life.

Because your life is never not now in the present moment.

Jo, Christine and Lars said thanks.

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Emily Chen

I believe in the power of good food and good stories. I travel, design, write and take photographs whenever I can.

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