I have arguments for a living.

January 13th, 2014, 5pm

It’s a strange way to pay the bills. Writing up opinions and sending them to the audiences who are most likely to respond is easy enough. But having so many opinions — a new one every day — is hard work.

Many of my arguments are about odd, out-of-the-way topics. When I talk to my dad, my granddad, my cousin, I can’t talk about what I’ve worked on today. I have to have opinions that no one else has had first, which means the people outside those niches just don’t care.

I have to have opinions about obscurity itself. How oddball and unknown is too far to get paid? This week, I started with an opinion on Bitcoin — something I can’t talk about in most social circles — and ended with an opinion on Dogecoin — something that even the Bitcoin community finds a bit obscure.

Too obscure, perhaps, to paid for that particular argument.

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