Biking gets you places.

July 27th, 2014, 5pm

The first time we biked past your house, we scooped up your abandoned oranges from your front-yard trees. Two panniers full of oranges, with still 30 or so miles left to go. Mostly downhill. Headwind from the ocean. Stopped by a friend’s house along the way — he has an orange juicer. We drank as much as we could and pedaled all the way home.

The second time, I noticed you had a small WHEEL BUILDER sign outside your closed gate. Could it be a bicycle wheel builder? Third time we biked by, the sign was gone. But why not ring the cow bell a few times before we go? We were welcomed with a garage full of bike frames and stories from the man who lives there now, who used to run Woody’s Bike Shop in Los Feliz.

Thanks for the stories and the oranges.

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Machiko Yasuda

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