There is a piece of me that thrives here and can survive no where else.

September 23rd, 2015, 4am

I was born in Springfield, and three days ago was my first time back since my parents moved to Ohio. On the ten hour drive here, I realized the real reason I had always wanted to come back is because I felt if I came back, maybe I would find a part of me that made me… me. I enjoy doing things, writing books, writing music, playing music, etc. but I felt like there was nothing that made me special. In Springfield (actually Ozark but who cares) there is a college called JRLC, standing for James River Leadership College. For a while I decided to not go to college, I thought it was a waste of money and time and you can still get a decent job without going into college. But you can get a pastoral degree at James River and become a worship pastor, which sounds amazing because I would get to play music (probably my biggest passion) plus get to do things like minister to people and tons of other cool stuff. Tomorrow is my last day in Missouri. I am sad about it because being here makes me so excited for life and my soul thrives here. But I am almost positive I will be back and that’s something to keep me going.

Psalm 138:8

Porter, Paul, Samuel and Mubanga said thanks.

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Annalyn Valantine

INFP. An on-call photographer.

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