In the Shadow of...

January 17th, 2014, 3pm

All the things I don’t make time for. I want, at this moment, little more than to watch. I want to see that monolithic shadow grind across this suddenly-gorgeous city, transfixed, like watching the insides of a clock at work with an audible whir.

It’s inertia at its worst (or best depending on who you’re routing for). I can’t stop here in the middle of this. Not because of where I have to be, or because of any calendar, or checkbox, inbox, or contact, but because I’m already moving. How do you stop moving? I think I may have planted both feet to take this picture. I’m not sure. To do so in this city feels subtly perilous, like being in jeopardy of a traveling foul.

I spend a lot of time agonizing over the things I want to start, do, make, see, and be. It seems I rarely consider that what I really need is to stop first.

David Wade said thanks.

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Kenneth Cooke

Doing well so far.

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