Here comes the flood ... Local school kids on their way home.

October 8th, 2013, 12pm

Actually not that much to say, just a beautiful and very different ‘moment’.

When I walk to pick up my son from school, I have to wade through this throng of local school kids in uniform. I guess their school day ends 20 minutes earlier.

In general they are friendly, say ‘hi’ a lot or yell ‘ferengi, ferengi’ (foreigner) with excitement. Only on rare occasions some 12-13 year old boys say something to me in Amharic and then laugh theirs asses off when I do not react because I did not understand a thing. I guess they are insulting me, but it is easy to shrug that off with a smile.

More annoying is that they walk 4 - 5 abreast and do not look where they are going, so run-ins are frequent.

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