Wilson, the king of my life at home

March 17th, 2016, 2pm

I remember the day last year in the middle of January, when I got early dismissal from school so my family and I could drive to Issaquah to pick up our baby puppy. He was so small that he fit into my dad’s jacket on the ride home. This dog, Wilson, is SOOOO annoying when he grabs my soccer shin guards and chews them up, when he jumps up on the table and eats my food, and when he doesn’t obey me on our morning walks. But, after all of this, I still love him, just as God still loves me so much, even after all of my flaws and mistakes are added up.

David Wade said thanks.

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Macy Johnson

I love to spend my days pondering over the thought that I'm already a 7th grader, swimming, riding my longboard, and chillin' with friends in the beautiful Seattle sun.

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