A beautiful relationship

May 15th, 2016, 6pm

It was 15°C with overcast. The breeze was gentle.

Today, I visited Chick-fil-A. I happened upon a mom and her two daughters. It was such a beautiful encounter. Their relationship was stunning. The two girls had apparently just had shots earlier that day, and they were still traumatized by that experience. The mom said that they would get ice cream to make the shots feel better. The younger of the two daughters said, “How do you know ice cream will make them feel better?” In reply, the mom said, “I just know these things. It’s funny how that works. Ice cream always makes shots feel better.” And then, when the ice cream came out, the mom grabbed each of the cones and, handing one to the older daughter, said, “Ice cream for you to feel better from your shots,” and handing the other cone to the younger daughter, said, “Ice cream for you to feel better from your shots.” And then she took the last cone in her hand and said, “And ice cream for Mommy to make Mommy feel better.” Then the older daughter said, “But Mommy, you didn’t even get shots.” So the mom said, “I know, but I had to watch you get shots and start crying. It hurts Mommy’s heart to watch my kids get hurt, so Mommy needs ice cream too.” While this may have just been excusing her own having ice cream, it really touched me that she cares about her daughters that much. I thought, “That’s a model relationship for all of the mothers and daughters out there. What a perfect way to demonstrate affection. Love. And pity because of that love.”

Paul and Craig said thanks.

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