Burbs and grass ... Go together like a horse and carriage

September 25th, 2013, 9am

It was 19°C with broken clouds. The breeze was light.

I job through our neighborhood/subdivision frequently to the arboretum. Zoning is for 1 acre plus lots, so there is grass everywhere. When I first moved in, I had the grand idea of covering the entire 1.7 acre lot with stuff to eat. Ha! Little did I know how horrible the soil is — it is fill. The grass is bermuda, a horrid construction from the 1950’s to support lawns in hot, humid areas that would otherwise have prickly plants. Bermuda grass chokes out most of those sorts, although we still get wonderful dandelions. My southern born spouse never ceases to remind me how his tender feet were saved by bermuda grass when he was a child. I find the use of chemical warfare frequently the only way to fight it back.

In order to blend in with the neighbors, I removed by hand the dandelions from the front lawn when we moved in 10+ years ago. When I looked to the west, I would see the Stars and Bars flying on a flag pole in front of another red brick and white columned house. Enough in your face symbolism — I would at least not allow dandelions in my front lawn. They have not really returned to the front, yet the back yard blossoms yellow every spring. Beautiful!

We too have a lawn service for our grass. Starting 8 years or so ago, two high school boys who then went on to MTSU. Both finished, but one decided to keep the business. Now, a volunteer fire fighter does the work. although once in awhile, when he isn’t traveling to install the software his company makes, he will take a break and mow my lawn.

He used to call me ma’am when he was in high school. Now he calls me Karen and asks for local people to help with his IT business.

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Karen Wieckert

Life trajectory: Appleton to Corvallis to Argonne to Cambridge to DC to Philadelphia to Irvine to Palo Alto to Berkeley and now Brentwood. Cities and multiple lives ...

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