14./ to 15./ The city that doesn’t sleep, except during Siesta o’clock

October 2nd, 2015, 6am

Heading to Madrid was a spontaneous decision after deciding to cut our trip short in Amsterdam. We had initially pondered going to Paris, but decided against it. The unfriendliness of the french to english speakers made the decision easy. Whilst travelling around Madrid two revelations occurred to me. 1./ They were not the dark skinned people I thought them to be. I suppose my idea of Spain was actually what Brazil was…oops!! 2./ The Hapsburg family were everywhere!!! Having been to Bohemia (Czech Republic), Prussia (Germany) and now Spain I realised how each country told a story which when woven together provided a tapestry of the greatness and power of the Hapsburg family. To amass such an empire through marriages and territorial battles is the stuff of legends. A game of RISK would never be the same..

When I get back I want to learn more about history!!

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Michael Ngo

Late bloomer who suddenly got the itch to travel more.

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