I wrote a book. Ella Cerulean, Book 1 of The Connective. Published it and debuted at a convention I've been attending for 15 years.

July 4th, 2014, 9pm

My boyfriend, his best friend and I designed, built and hosted a three night party based on the last 3 chapters of my novel. It went over smashingly well. We used quite literally a ton of metal to build the inside of a spaceship in a hotel room over 4th of July weekend. Some 2,000 people attended the party. We served them homemade wine, beer, hard cider and blue champagne. A great many people said we were insane but a great many more were very impressed. I have to admit I am quite proud. We’ve done events before but this was our best thus far. A few days after my book was out it hit Amazon’s Top 100 Young Adult list and sat there for almost two weeks. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen. I was happy just to get out of the 100k rankings. This is why I’ve been neglecting you. I didn’t mean for it to happen but I’ve been so very busy. I have a bit of a break for a week but then it’s work on the second book and of course, I have to get ready for the biggest craft show I’ve ever done. As the news of the world these days feels almost unbearable, I continously remind myself of Kurt Vonnegut’s advice: Do something creative everyday. If he could find hope in this world after everything he went through, we all can manage a bit.

Sanna and David Wade said thanks.

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Deborah Lanns

For the first time in my life, I'm pursing a creative lifestyle full time. It's terrifying and gratifying. I drink, write, photograph, put on events and make things. However useless most of the world seems to find those things, I love them. And cooking.And dresses. Important to know.

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