Joy between the graves

March 29th, 2014, 3pm

Once a month a bunch of drawing lovers get together in Tokyo under the title PauseDraw and we draw each other, things and concepts. We try to learn as much as possible while enjoying the fact that we are all learning and no one is better than the other. Just drawing for the joy of it.

This saturday we were blessed by a lovely sun and candid blossom coming out of the trees. I said let’s go out to a park or something and Eiko said let’s go to Aoyama Cemetery. If you’ve read this other moment from me, you will understand this is a magical place for me. Being there with friends, doing what I like to do most – drawing –, made me so incredibly happy. It’s now 2 days later and still can feel it.

Thank you sun, thank you friends, thank you Tokyo.

Thomas, Craig, Vivien, Shu and 6 others said thanks.

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Luis Mendo

Drawing myself away in Tokyo. 面倒くさい。

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