A strange menagerie

August 20th, 2014, 2pm

A dovecote outside the Bull Inn, containing lobsters, a crab and a crayfish.

This was the sight that greeted us in Walsingham, or to be more precise, Little Walsingham, a village in North Norfolk which is probably most famous as the location of Anglo-Catholic and Catholic shrines to Mary. I wont digress here into a rant about everything that is so wrong about these shrines - I’ll save that for another post!

I love the eccentricity on display here. Was it some local trying to be a bit Dali-esque perhaps? It turns out that the pub is a deliberately quirky place. Apparently there are various odds and ends inside, including a half-size statue of Charlie Chaplin, a typewriter in the snug, and an old-fashioned cash register in the men’s toilet.

How refreshingly different! And, it has to be said, probably the only place of sanity in the whole village.

Christine and David Wade said thanks.

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Adrian Tribe

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