Relevance of Left

May 26th, 2014, 9am

Growing economies across the world have no place for Left politics is what India has proved in the last two decades. As aspirations multiply, inequality grows. Where ever there is inequality, rebellion happens. But when rebellion happens to be small time affairs, the pro-capitalist majority buries it. Here is where Left parties are left with no option but only to harp on their rhetoric. When 99 percent of a country’s population doesn’t want equality but monetary benefits and achievement of selfish motives at the expense of country’s social growth, what can a thought or a bunch of so called intellectuals do? To add insult to injury, the latest bunch of India’s left wing politicians are the biggest capitalists who doesn’t follow what they preach.

More importantly they cannot offer to the electorates what parties like Congress of BJP can offer (doesn’t matter if it is delivered or not). Who wants their hollow promises is what the voters think. Left parties are now struggling to remain relevant even in a couple of Indian provinces/states, where they had their presence.

This article in Governance Now says “the attitude only magnifies at the macro level: the Left’s approach to national politics has been, for the most part, defensive. The central government sets its neo-liberal agenda, and the Left makes a vociferous cry. Even in the best of circumstances (such as in the nuclear deal case), the result is a stalemate, never a move towards a progressive, socialist future, as they envisage.”

But what is progress and development? In India it is just infrastructure, latest gadgets and automotive gears.

David Wade said thanks.

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