The air-restaurant.

October 12th, 2013, 2pm

I am always glad when something different and innovative is started. The air-restuarant - that’s the new thing everyone who comes to Ghana will be looking out for. And that’s the new place everyone in Ghana, especially, Accra would like to visit. You hear whispers and gossips of it everywhere…

The guys:
“… I hear they will be expensive pa pa
…. Charley shun what you dey talk - how you kno sey the food go be expensive
….. You paa , Kwesi what you dey take me for.
….. I kno everything wey dey go on for Accra.
….. Charley man for get money o… a for take ma girlie come here..
….. Yes O charley … This one de3 if you get som girlie wey u wan impress a..”

………. The guys always speak Pidgin-English …………..

The gals:
“….. I hear the place will be expensive papa
……. Eiii Adwoa wo nono
…… How did you know the place will be expensive.
…… Aa Ama paa, what do you take me for, I know everything going on in Accra
….. I even hear they own one restaurant right next to the plane and they have a family in the government . That is why they were able to purchase the plane. And if you must know.. I also know their food is crap.
And I am sure the food in the plan would be crap too.
…… Eiii Adwoa how do you know. Have you been there before.
…… As for me, I will like Kwesi to bring me here.
….. Only rich folks will come here , because only they can afford it.
….. This not the Mall where everyone else can go, so stop dreaming about it..”

This is why I love innovation. There is no better way to get people talking. I bet anyone who comes to Ghana would like to eat from the air -restaurant. And many others would like to visit it , so they can take a couple of photos and show off.

People always like things that put them in the future. Yes the future. That’s one place in the mind where every fulfillment lies. We think.

Cassie and Jack said thanks.

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Samuel Alomenu

I write. I sketch. I mull over things and I think about alternatives. @sammidelali

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