Via Rail Is Just Bad

August 3rd, 2012, 1pm

I arrived at the Via Station in St. Catharines only to find out the train has been cancelled due to “technical difficulties.” We had to take a bus to Union Station. They wouldn’t even let us take a bus to Aldershot then the Via Train into Union, which would make more sense since traffic is easy to Aldershot but horrible from there to Union Station.

It is just the latest example of how public transportation in Canada is just a dream compared to Asia. This would never happen in Hong Kong or Seoul because more people rely on public transportation rather than the private car. With a low cost, easily accessible train and bus, it is cheaper and easier to move about the country but here it is just an impossibility. While in St. Catharines I have been surprised by how many big trucks and cars I have seen on the road. Everyone here complains about the price of gas yet they continue to drive these huge cars and trucks that take more gas than a compact which comes back to the question of why do they need these types of cars?

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