The sun rose every day this week!

March 11th, 2014, 6am

About a week ago, I posted a sunrise image which I ‘coupled’ with a somewhat funny little dialog about my partner and me interacting first thing in the morning. But, in truth, it was a good week for sunrises, even just considered on their own. None, I think, were in my top ten favourites of all time, but still they were quite splendid enough to share with anyone who, like me, rejoices in the ordinary breaking of day.

I’m not going to say much about the pics, except that they seem to me remarkably varied. I suppose it has to do with the changing and quite dramatic weather patterns we often experience looking out due East over Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean I think of these variations as ‘moods’ — without wishing to get too ‘animistic’ about the matter. I’m sure the universe has intelligence, but if it has something that we might call ‘soul’ I’m equally sure it is well beyond our ken and not worth speculating about.

I think I got them in the wrong order, but you see what I mean about moods.

Wednesday: 8 March 2014 Thursday: Untitled Friday: Untitled Saturday: Untitled Sunday: Untitled Monday: Untitled

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David Wade Chambers

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