Beauty Within The Cold

January 14th, 2016, 8pm

It was -1°C with few clouds. The wind was light.

I looked outside at the snow-covered ground. Beautiful, I thought, staring at the snow that was still falling. With a pang, it hit me that this was a nightmare to some. The cold, and the dark, and the everything. But to those who were used to it, just watched with love in their eyes for the beauty that lived here. I loved it, the snow, falling so perfectly in someone’s hair. A girl walked down the street, her dyed black hair soon a flurry mountain. I watched as she went, probably enjoying the snow as much as I was. When the snow got stiffer my friends and I would go out and run around. I missed this, I thought, looking at the street lamp that shone brightly, illuminating the snow. Cold, it may have been, but this kind of weather melted me. Snow spun to the ground, sticking to tree branches and roofs and cars. The beauty could only be seen by those who could find beauty in everyone. I continued to watch the snow, falling to the ground with the slightest disturbance, as it came down. Tomorrow, when I woke up, I would walk in this, enjoying the beauty even more.

Vy said thanks.

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Carina Sauriol

I like penguins and if you don't we won't get along well.

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