Winter holds on in northern New England. I crave the sun's warmth. Wanderlust has brought me to this abandoned building. It's quiet except for the wind whistling.

March 26th, 2014, 1pm

The day began warm in bed, laying entangled with the most amazing man. I knew I had to get up early. The baby would soon cry for me and the next 12 hours I would be filled with responsibility.

Winter in Maine lasts half the year. The cold wind stings, the trees stand naked except for the pines. Cabin fever has set in. I long for summer and it’s warmth. I long for green grass, for sun on my face and salt on my lips.

The air hit my bare legs as I pulled off the covers. Another deep freeze, winter’s grip is tightening.

I drive. I drive aimlessly and without destination. It helps to cure this wanderlust and stifling cabin fever. It helps lull my baby to sleep in the backseat.

Today I drove to the abandoned buildings of the Kennebec Arsenal along the banks of the Kennebec river. The empty granite buildings stand exposed to the elements. They are as cold and permanent as this God forsaken Maine winter.

Spring will soon come.

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Crystal Sullivan

Art ~ Photography & Storytelling. Living a simple, beautiful life in Northern New England

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