Yesterday evening, while I was framing the landscape to snap this moment, I overheard two ladies gossiping.

October 2nd, 2013, 9am

It was 20°C. The breeze was light.

We were all playing at that hidden park by the water overlooking the city.

This place is a sanctuary to me. Every time I feel heavy and overwhelmed, I take a short walk to the water, look at the city and the ferries and the planes and let go. That is what apparently other people do too in various forms.

Yesterday while I was taking this photo I overheard two ladies gossiping about another lady. “And I was like - OMG! Are you serious? - And I know she didn’t know she was being insensitive and acting like a bitch. But she was!”

I come from a place in the Middle-East where venting is a healthy ancient therapy we exercise in a group around heavy turkish coffee drinking and lots of venting about one another. In a way it is releasing the toxins. And the important part of this very ancient therapy, is that once you say what you need to say, you end your sentence with “God bless [the person].” And usually laughter is followed by sweets, cookies, cake, baklava, honey and a feeling of peace. Haters gonna hate, anywhere you are.

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celine semaan vernon

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