Brief Reviews: Gravity

January 27th, 2014, 11pm

If you’ve considered seeing Gravity, go right ahead. Really, be my guest. This is an unabashed endorsement.

I was undeniably excited for months leading up to the U.S. release of Gravity in October. From the first teasers, I was entranced. I was also terrified. If there is one thing that really scares me, it is a lack of control, and could be there any situation with less control than floating in outer space with no way to save oneself? I’m not a preservationist any more than human nature dictates, but the idea of being able to do nothing… yikes. So instead of facing my fears because it’s only a movie, I just didn’t go see this one I was excited about. I was too afraid.

For good reason! Alfonso Cuarón creates a completely realistic and beautifully frightening ‘universe’ (no pun intended), and then throws us into it with Sandra Bullock (if you don’t like her, it’s a slightly less palatable experience, but try and overcome that). The visual effects, the directing, basically The Whole Experience is seamless, and I would argue nearly perfect. There’s not a moment in which your attention lags, nor your emotions fail to engage. This is what (if I were a judge, and since I’m trying to be, I’ll boldly state) the Oscars look for in winners, and it’s worth the seven years we sat between Cuarón’s Children of Men (nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing) and this.

I hesitate to add too much to your plates, but again I’ve found Oscar quality. Just like 12 Years a Slave, I’d be negligent if I didn’t put my You Should See This stamp on it. Because… you should. It’s beautiful, scary, and real.

abn and David Wade said thanks.

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