Back up to the mountains

July 3rd, 2016, 9am

It was 8°C with no clouds detected. The wind was calm.

So after neglecting my responsibilities again, stayed up till 4 playing Overwatch and listening to my brother agonising over Erased.

Massive losing streak on Overwatch right now. The NaCl levels are at an all time high.

Kinda questioning whether or not I was good (heh, nah I knew I was bad). Well the integrated Intel graphics are running a lot better than the discrete AMD but randomly crashing every so often is… Well.

Can’t even kill as anymore let alone Junkrat or Lucio. Can’t even risk Mei. Rip to Jammy after that performance. What is season rating? Probe should have optimised rather than learn Zarya.

Going to make another run at Breaking Barriers. Brave Frontier, the other salty game is nothing but trouble these days. Hmm what else? Oh yea GTA online Heists are still bugged. Randomly lock up on load screens. And broke again in that game too.

Oh yea mountains. Yea going to Katoomba this time. Mum’s having a hard on about the mountain side. Maybe she’s preparing for a trip to the slope. Still wired despite a trip to return to nature. Too tired to cared to be honest.

David Wade said thanks.

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Alan Wen

Some uni student, gonna just be recounting some life events and my everyday.

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