“Interesting things happen on the edges where one thing becomes another” — Kevin McCloud.

I recently stumbled across a long forgotten Australian ‘alternative’ — a now redundant music genre but well used at a time when there was a clear delineation between the ‘mainstream’ and the aforementioned — band The Agents, from the late 1970s, and their seven inch single “Suburbs Of The Heart”.

I used to play this track on the radio back in the early 1980s on Brisbane’s alternative (!) radio station 4ZZZ-FM. Agitate. Educate. Organise. The station’s motto back in the day.

The song’s title has been in my head for days.

“existence from a distance in the suburbs of the heart”

“geometric shopping centres”

“where reruns follow reruns”

“reconstructing love affairs you wonder is this art”

“heroes never fail you where heroes don’t exist”

“days go by like husbands with an absent minded kiss”

“permanent amnesia is a form of self-reliance”

Been mulling over what this means in relation to notions of suburbia and the inner city.

Their perceptions of each other.

Thinking about relationship and situation and the edge lands.

It will have to wait — we are currently stuck in a heatwave and the sweat on my fingers is sneaking in under the keys on this Air.

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