The Art of Bootlegging

July 10th, 2014, 12pm

It was 34°C with scattered clouds. The breeze was light.

How is this term Bootlegging referred to selling liquor illegally? Whether it is a noun or verb, the meaning remains the same. Non-English speakers are still to find how boot and leg got combined to produce this intoxicating term. Whatsoever, nowhere else bootleggers are in demand as much as they are in Gujarat – officially a dry state. In fact elsewhere you have to go to a wine shop to buy a bottle. Here it is conveniently delivered at home at a price much lower or equal to the shop price.

This Indian Express Report says Rs 30000-40000 million is the estimated annual loss in excise duty. The bootlegging network is said to earn at least Rs 15000 million annually.

Because there is prohibition in Gujarat, the favourite destination of drinkers towards north is Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Diu towards west and Daman towards South. There is hardly any upwardly mobile home that will not have top notch branded liquour bottles at home. Favourite past times of people is to outsmart each other in floundering over expensive brands that they bring from foreign tours. Bootleggers are also classified according to the type of people they deliver. Some bootleggers keep expensive and exclusive brands of liquor while there are generic bootleggers who will deliver you those daily soap opera type brands. During elections, festivals the premium for all type of liquor shoots up.

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