Mac Arthur Park Crypto Jew Worship.

September 1st, 2016, 6pm

I am Near Westlake and 8th Street getting in touch with my Jewish roots as a Crypto Jew, near Westlake and Mac Arthur Park. Also feeding the ducks near the lake.

I am here at a Crypto Jewish Place of Worship near Mac Arthur Park. Most of what is in the temple is Spanish and Hebrew written words revealing our lush landscape heritage as a Mexican. I enjoyed my experience here and had a lovely barbecue. I had chicken adn paid a small fee for services as a tie.

Here I also reminisce my membership to the ADL as a Crypto Jew, in light of the Latino Jewish Roundtable.

Latino Jewish Roundtable

The Roundtable was founded by ADL in 1992 as a mechanism for bringing together leaders from the Latino and Jewish communities. Since that time, the Roundtable has convened meetings with members of the business, civic, academic and interfaith communities to engage in a variety of innovative programs and activities that include political, social, religious and cultural components. The Roundtable’s mission is: “to advance alliances and partnerships between Latino and Jewish communities in Los Angeles through constructive dialogue and exploration of common ground; to empower and enrich both communities; and to foster a positive environment for open and frank discussion about topics of mutual concern.”

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