The sound of bulldozers on construction sites was nothing new for a New Yorker, but a building crashing down wasn't.

July 1st, 2016, 11pm

It was 26.2°C. The breeze was gentle.

Not full story There’s details I’m not including Mark had a day off his job and he was to take care of his sons, Adrian,12 & Michael 6. While Diana, Mark’s wife, worked he received a call that they needed him with construction permits and business issues. Mark was told that it was short time they needed from him and Mark had no one to take care of his sons. As he drove over to the construction site he kept telling his son Adrian to stay in the car for the few minutes he was gonna leave and to take care of his little brother. Once he arrived he locked the doors and said he’d be back. At this point Adrian was mad that they were gonna miss the party that was planned by his dad and as always just put earphones on and checked his phone. After checking his social media he heard the car door close and Michael was gone. Adrian quickly got out the car and started cussing as much as he ever did. He briefly caught a glimpse of his brother going up a building under construction, and ran for him. He didn’t see any workers near the building but could tell they were barely arriving because of some bulldozers turned on getting closer. Adrian continued calling Michael’s name but never heard him reply. The building had no walls, some ladders and elevators to go up. He was half way up the building and then finally saw Michael playing with Construction tools. He quickly grabbed and pulled his arm and yelled at why he got out at that point Michael had pushed various tools off the edge of the building. One tool in particular hit a bulldozer from which a worker had left on and made the bulldozer drive forward and hit the corner of the building breaking the steel post. Adrian was taking Michael down from the tall building and felt it shake then he oddly started falling to a side he holded on to a piece of steel in the building while still holding on to Michael. All Adrian could see was the floor getting closer and closer. It all went by in slow motion and tried hugging his brother before everything went black. To be Continued Not full story

David Wade said thanks.

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