about a decade in the waiting

July 23rd, 2016, 12pm

I should have done this a few days ago tbh. Yea so, finally took the family to the Japanese Gardens again. It’s been a while.

$4 per person though. The family kept claiming it was free when we last went.

It was surprisingly nice.

Ok was underwhelmed at first but the pond after passing the entrance. A couple of artists scattered here and there. Much watercolour, such skill.

A lot of green algae if I remember correctly in the water. Would not swim in it if money was not involved.

My friend Lisa’s photos of the place made it seem larger then it was looking back. It’s been a while totally forgot.

The wildlife area was aite. Turkeys just casually going about their day. One started to build its best as we walked by as if on cue.

Man they are so damn used to people. One just waltz past us on the path. Like a neighbour on their morning jog.

Saw geese sunbathing, anti animal cinder blocks (according to my brother) and wallabies (even a white one).

Bloody Peacocks tho. One was sneaky and hid in a bush. Thought we couldn’t see it.

Rip to the Bonzai garden though. Looks as though it was closed a while back. It was overgrown asf.

David Wade said thanks.

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Alan Wen

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