For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.

March 19th, 2015, 9am

I don’t know why I liked the sea, or the ocean. I was always scared with the water. I can still remember how I cry with fear whenever my mother would enroll me for a swimming summer class during the mid-’90s. I don’t know how it happened but for quite a while back then, I conquered my fear and began to join national swimming competitions in my country. That is when I learned how to love the sea.

I always go diving or free-swimming in the ocean. I have tried skinny-dipping dozen of times already. I take a full breath and dive down the ocean. I don’t wear goggles. I wanted all to be natural. When I’m in the deep ocean, I can feel a vast different world around me but constraint to maybe a few seconds or a minute. I feel like in the deep ocean, I can just close my eyes and think of all the good memories and maybe, life. It’s a blessing I think that we can dive in the ocean.

The quote above is from e.e. Cummings.

Christine said thanks.

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Tj Suarez

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