Not wanting to be the first, we waited under the bridge until the time was right.

March 22nd, 2014, 7pm

It had been a warm day and given it was only a short ferry ride across Sydney harbour we decided to stand outside, tucked behind a wall so the wind wouldn’t mess our hair.

The venue for the evening was right next to our destination. The invite stated we wouldn’t be seated until half past and as we didn’t know anyone else attending, we thought rather than be the first and wait awkwardly inside we should go for a walk.

The sun was setting through the clouds, creating a beautiful light. To our right were a group of photography students, each with an SLR mounted to a tripod competing to take the perfect photo, and to our left were tourists, taking in the sight.

The harbour was unexpectedly quiet, I only had to wait a for a few moments for one boat to pass before capturing mine.

Paul, Emanuel, Anne Marie and Rian said thanks.

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Michael Dijkstra

I design interfaces and write code to build digital products.

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