Sakura Cabbie

March 10th, 2014, 10am

Amid a canyon of high rise mansions there is this valley lined with sakura trees. Given the harsh winter it was surprising to see how healthy and robust the sakura blossoms were, though some trees were a bit thinner than I remember; no doubt damage from the historic snowfall that had fallen on Tokyo. Nevertheless, the white canopy spread out above was as beautiful as years past. Most ironically, as a strong wind blew through the urban canyon, the sakura petals began to fill the air like snowflakes themselves. That’s when I noticed a green taxi cab parked on the side of the street slowly becoming coated in the deluge of flower petals. I thought the contrast of its green color and the whitish-pink of the sakura petals would make for a nice photograph. As I circled the automobile, looking for the best angles, I was suddenly taken aback by the sight of the driver, fast asleep in the driver’s seat reclined as far back as it could go. I don’t know why, but upon seeing him I made an effort to tip-toe around the taxi and compose photographs as “quietly” as I could. After a couple of snapshots, I slinked away, leaving the driver counting sheep instead of the dozens of sakura petals covering his chariot.

Sanna, Shu, Christine and Alastair said thanks.

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