If you live in San Francisco, you know to avoid Eddy and Leavenworth Street... *stab*

June 11th, 2016, 11pm

So. If you got this. The Tenderloin is what I’m talking about. 70% of violent crimes (and very cheap rents wink wink), but this is the REALLY bad area. You try to avoid it, your going from The Financial District to Van Ness/Civic Center. How do you get there? There are two ways. The short way, to go down Turk or Market, and get to City Center. However, the Tenderloin is there. So druggies, and probably serial killers looking for the next weak victim. The other way is to take the long way around the Tenderloin by going through SoMa. But that will take longer. Make your choice… Or just take the Muni, and avoid walking if you’re that afraid.

Christine and NeaToshae said thanks.

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Matthew Alvis

I'm a young one, and I live in San Francisco, California. Straight A student! Hoping to go to UCSF when I'm older. Oh, and I beat cancer. (Rhabdomyosarcoma, to be precise)

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