Trying out "Hi" while literally high (up).

February 1st, 2014, 11am

So I hadn’t even remembered signing up for Hi until I received my invite today. As a theatre teacher and artist, I’m fascinated by the way technology can impact storytelling, so Hi piqued my interest.

After an initial reaction of “This seems really similar to Twitter,” I’ve had the following thoughts (seems I can’t get the List markdowns to work, so let’s pretend I’m quoting my brain):

The ability to allow readers to request more is fascinating. I normally don’t have time to write long blog posts, but if I know someone has asked about a topic, I’m more inclined to (hence this Extension).

Subscribing to topics and locations is cool.

Obviously, the image inclusion makes the site nice to browse and has kept me here for most of my flight.

I’m looking forward to my growth as a reader & writer here on Hi. Hope you are too.

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Sean J. O'Neil

Educator, Technologist, Actor, Google Certified Teacher

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