At the video store.

September 11th, 2013, 12am

It was 26.7°C. The breeze was light.

Last night I went to see a screening of some short films in the back of a video store on Bedford Avenue. It was great. The piece’s were weird and earnest — one featured a man swallowed by a giant vagina in his couch, another a woman who gets drunk at her birthday and sleeps with a friend — but the best part was the effortless, suburban-feeling sincerity of it all. There were a dozen kids, as many beers, and some crap wooden tables in an otherwise unfurnished room. I kept expecting Dad to walk in and tell us to keep it down. Street noise drifted in.

It was so unfussy as to become, suddenly, purely functional. Which was fantastic and different. We were all there for a reason, and that was to watch some movies, made by some people that we probably liked. Nothing else — we just paid attention. Perhaps sincerity is the antidote to everything being A Thing. Or maybe: just being ugly and productive. Make stuff and ignore the rest.

Either way, the films wrapped, the nervous directors were queried by the crowd, everybody had another beer, and then we wandered off to get more drunk and get to know each other better. One beer was “Where are you from? What’s your name?” Two beers was “What’s your weird thing?” By the third beer I was taking an improv class to get over my stage fright and by four we were buddies, walking toward home with your slender bike frame cruising the sidewalk between us.

Four beers a buddy.

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