Private swim and tennis clubs. No public pools in this city

September 25th, 2013, 9am

It was 18.9°C with overcast. The breeze was light.

When I moved here, I thought I was moving to a small town similar to the one in which I grew up. But I realized there are many differences. One is swimming pools. My town had a number of public swimming pools. I vividly remember my mother making me ride my bike about 1.5 miles to a swimming pool in early June to take lessons. In Wisconsin, early June can often be very cold. Wretched, shivering children had to jump into water warmer than the air. But we also had to get out. Our instructors and lifeguards were bundled up in sweat shirts and pants — even hats and mittens sometimes! It is a wonder I love to swim.

Here, all pools are private. Many areas have small swim and tennis clubs like this one. Again, to fit in, we joined the first year we moved here. It didn’t work out — ‘nuff said.

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Karen Wieckert

Life trajectory: Appleton to Corvallis to Argonne to Cambridge to DC to Philadelphia to Irvine to Palo Alto to Berkeley and now Brentwood. Cities and multiple lives ...

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