Day 12 #100HappyDays: Golden shower

March 23rd, 2014, 5am

I had a free day in Singapore before my flight so decided to pay a visit to the Botanic Gardens, even in 34 degree heat (the taxi driver who picked me up said I was crazy to be wandering around in such temperatures. He did ask me to leave the rain and cold for them and I said ‘With pleasure, if I could pack some warmth and sunshine in my suitcase for the UK. It’s cold being back here!)

It’s a beautiful space and so big. Bigger than any open space to be found in Hong Kong. And so many beautiful flowers, plants and trees. I really liked these mini yellow orchids, the frangipani and my favourite, the pineapple plant - I’m going to attempt to grow one but not sure our climate or weather is as great as Singapore!

And my happy moment: indulging my gardening geek looking at all these beautiful plants and flowers, and seeing a little girl start dancing, singing and playing air guitar with her badminton racket to a song I always associate with Singapore and one of our colleagues and her singing whilst driving us around, ‘Hotel California’.

Sanna and Adrian said thanks.

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So-Shan Au

Londoner, bit of writing, takes photos, book geek, works in publishing, loves maps, typography, papercuts, architecture, trees, art, design, photography, gardening... @soshanau

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