Feeling those delicate colors in a far off land...

November 25th, 2013, 4pm

Each color drops from my eyes, the cool ones, the warm ones. I remember us in the airport holding your hand, your sweater a stretched burgundy with bright pink bikini promising fun times at the beach. That night we landed, waiting at the bar and you showed up in deep blue flower pedals resting next to my favorite ear I loved to kiss. It rained periwinkle under the clouds in the distance during our cold walk on pink sand. Lucky for us we found that sand shack and hid from the drops into the sea drinking brown cups of kahlua & Joe and shared stories of passed love, I think one of us was upset. The next morning under the hot Mexican sun, breaking fast over a turbulent murky turquoise sea and you raised your voice louder as I felt those large waves pound my beating heart. You walked away wearing white, the only speck I could see on the horizon for a very very long time. Our time together blurred into many drops of colors falling from my heart as I stare into this familiar sunset while driving home

David Wade and Cassie said thanks.

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