Stories by the fire.....

August 31st, 2012, 11am

My family loves the outdoors and camping as it is where we unplug all the technology and just spend time being together. The quieter the place to camp, the better. After a day of hiking, swimming, fishing, or just hanging out, we find that sitting around the campfire is the perfect way to end the day. I thought a lot about storytelling throughout this course and realised that around the campfire is where my family seems to connect on a higher level. There is something primal about watching the flames dance that connects you to a past world. Our kids ask us all sorts of why questions that usually drive us crazy, such as, do bears hibernate, what is the name of that star, and the list goes on. Somehow though, when we are sitting around the fire, we have the time and patience to answer all these questions. The kids also ask us lots of questions about what it was like when we were kids and questions about their grandparents. After losing one set of my grandparents when I was quite young, I know how important it is to tell those stories. There are so many things I would have loved to ask them. I also know how important is to listen to the stories my children have to tell me. I hope that when they are grown they will find that peace and connection sitting around a campfire with their own children.

Adrian, David Wade, Barbara and Joanne said thanks.

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Barb Manko

I love the person I have become because I have fought to become her.

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