You go to restaurants, you order, you eat your food, you pay, you leave a tip. Do you think of the people?

October 16th, 2013, 5pm

“After completing high school in my home country of Laos in 1976 I fled to Thailand because of the Communist regime takeover in Laos.

“After my immigrant status application was approved, I arrived in Montreal with a feeling of security. Living in Montreal for ten years, I learned what the New World had to offer.

“In 1989 I came to stay with my wife, who lives in Ithaca. By working with many local restaurants, I learned to cook many different kinds of foods. That was when I started to use my knowledge to start my own business.

“I began serving my food at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market and other regional festivals. After expanding to do catering, I recently decided to open my own restaurant. Thus, Sticky Rice was born.

” I use local ingredients, and have a wide selection of vegetarian entrees and appetizers. When cooking vegetarian dishes, I use a separate work and utensils from other dishes.

I hope you’ll come and enjoy a meal of Sticky Rice!”

— Sisay Sisonphone

David Wade, Cassie, Amal and Adrian said thanks.

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