That morning air.

May 2nd, 2016, 8am

It was 22.8°C with broken clouds. The breeze was gentle.

It was only 8:35 a.m. The morning was new, the air was crisp, and she was ready for her real cup of coffee. Her and her dog sat out on the screened porch that faced her backyard. This was their favorite place to write.

She didn’t need any given inspiration or some genius idea to surprise her while in the midst of living her every day life to be able to sit down at a table and write. All she needed was some quiet time, preferably outside, with a cup of OJ or coffee at hand; and this is how she wrote.

She sat admiring the newly decorated screen porch. Her mom had put flowers around the area that she must’ve bought while out one morning. It was a simple, yet lovely change that showed new life flowing forward out the newly bought house. She loved seeing the once empty and lifeless house turn into a new quaint home for them. She didn’t think she would like it; as pessimistic as she is.

Her dog was old (and yes this is a subject I must write about). But she had her giant wolf dog since it resembled a two month old clumsy pup. Her dog did scare people; even though she saw no reason why. Even with how big and ferocious looking Mep was now, she remembered when she was able to pick her up - a thought that was almost hard to remember while looking at her new taken form.

Her and Meps were close from the very first day. A young bond that took almost instantaneously. Now they both loved to enjoy some quiet time, as life was too noisy for both of their liking.

As beautiful and quaint this particular morning was, she knew the outside world wouldn’t reason with her excuse to be late just to enjoy it. She saw a beauty in every morning, and every morning had a different beauty. Therefor, she found reason to enjoy all the mornings. She felt that the morning times should not be busy. She would wake up extra early just to enjoy her time for writing, and have time to get ready without being rushed. She was still waking up, and that was a slow gradual process that needed patience. Something only her and Meps could easily understand it seemed. Everyone else was rushing and darting and slipping and sliding. Her mom and sister were pros at it. They were simply too fast for her liking. She excused herself from their chaotic morning mess to enjoy the needed quiet time outside with her laptop.

But alas, she finished her OJ. She was feeling ready for her shower as Meps already retreated inside through the slide door; for even the nearby golfers were to loud for her.

Aparna and David Wade said thanks.

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Jenna Milliken

Decided to live my life for the experiences. Wishful traveler, passionate writer. Dreamer with actions. 17 and ready to go.

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