Nothing . . . .Sometimes I arrive at conclusions which are in fact just an alternate definition to the standard. I do this by downloading cosmic information.

September 6th, 2013, 7pm

I didn’t know about downloading till about 2002. It seems we all do this. To explain the phenomena, it’s how many people will all at once come up with the same design solution to a specific problem. They are really just tapping into a frequency in the universe. How?! By doing nothing really. Zoning out will get you there. Looking back in time, it seems I’ve had many of the same ideas that others were having. I see it all the time on the web; things I’ve thought of long ago come to fruition in built form. So doing nothing does not mean you’re doing nothing, it’s really just a way of meditation.

Beauregard, Paul and Lia said thanks.

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