When stepping stones are ignored

May 1st, 2013, 5pm

Tata Nano. A big project that attracted worldwide attention. Making of a 1000 Dollar car that everyone can afford. But who would have imagined this project would bring so much trouble to the much respected Tata Group of companies.

But what’s interesting are the rise of two political personalities. One for driving out the Tatas from West Bengal. She went on to dislodge a Communist government on this single plank and become the head of the state. The second who welcomed this driven out project to Gujarat. The then Chief Minister Narendra Modi became the symbol of development and ease of doing business by giving billions in incentives just so set up this plant in Gujarat and resurrecting his own career to later on to become the Prime Minister of India on a development agenda.

But no one has debated the project itself which is into deep trouble now. The small car never came with the promised 1000 Dollar price. And when did come, very few accepted it because more than an affordable small car, it was positioned as a cheap car. Huge difference between the two, you know. It failed completely and is reportedly on the verge of stopping the manufacturing itself. The workers at Nano plant here in Gujarat are striking for better pay. The huge tract of agriculture land given away free for this project stands as a mute witness to the entire agony. What a tragedy of development. (Transcribed from my voice Blog @Anchor)

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