Life for me @ this moment is just as good as the air; Completely endless in Growing, Leaning, And it all being Free. Thanks God for it all!!!

April 4th, 2014, 7pm

It was 18.9°C. The breeze was gentle.

For i have no Clue what life is about to bring me. It is happening Fast. I some how i make up each move differently as i gladly stand, on the ground or jump up and down. At times i ask my self can anyone hear me but then i realize to who does it mater to how i am deep in side. For if i where to never wake up in the morning. Just how in witch way would the world change because i am gone. If my time on earth where threw how could she and my child would have to face this world with out Jace. Faith carry’s me to each and every next moment in Life. Hope keep me thinking about what could be; Love brings Life togther just like the first letter in the name Life. Without Love you couldn’t make the word Life nor could it be fully lived until one has felt this. For living like i am dieing truly feels free, we could find everything we used to have. If we sat back and remembered when. Where we where is what we learn off of to make it to the next stepping stone in your live. When the kids go to school 4 the First time or cry for the 1st time they say it will change my life, so i ask them this now. How can we wait so patiently for something so grand; t. Was the feeling of holding My Love good enough to feeling of holding My child; does it feel anything like that; Well if so It Will Be Re-marketable!!!

Thanks God For Life J. Hart

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Jace Hart

I grew up like the T.V. show " Leave it to Beaver " life growing up. With my Father, Mother, Brother and myself. I was Brought up - to give my 100% respect in everything that you do - My Father would tell me. " If you give respect you will get respect."

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