Early morning stillness, as seen from a train

October 31st, 2013, 6am

I woke up to this view early in the morning, traveling to that little dot on the map, where I have almost spent about three quarters of my life.

A train journey through Kerala, involves some places like these, which in early mornings (& during monsoons) looks particularly scenic, with the lush green colors and the morning dew. It is generally not supposed to rain during this part of the year, but given this place has a climate that is restricted to the seasons of monsoons and the summer, cloudy mornings are just second nature.

I’ve passed this place countless times (and never managed to take a decent pic). Mostly it’s a blur, with the train speeding along to keep it’s time & destination. It is just like life mostly, speeding along, blurring otherwise beautiful moments. But when it does slow down, take a moment to pause and enjoy the moment, and importantly, enjoy the ride.

Adrian, David Wade and Sunny said thanks.

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Abhishek L

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