I never know how to begin. Or where. Or when. I never know what ... what something is supposed to be about. Or if it should mean anything.

December 5th, 2013, 5pm

I always stumble with words. I have all these emotions and experiences I carry around and want to share, but have such respect for the written word that I keep failing to produce something worth sharing. I love reading and how feelings are presented in words, I really envy writers who can define and describe things and sensations. when I try, I try really hard, and I try too hard. over-doing it. thinking too much.

recently I discovered that with paint, tape and a simple cardboard canvas I don’t get this crippling respect that always comes in the way of my creative process. it gets done without any thinking going into it. if some element of the painting feels wrong, I just paint it over, cut it out, turn it around, until it looks right to me, not anybody else. and I don’t have to explain why it feels wrong, or why this colour should go there and not here. it is automatic. when I write, the entire process feels tedious and awkward. I still wish I would be able to freely create with words, to experience the same freedom I feel when I paint from my heart.

Karl and Chris said thanks.

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